The Seven Stages of the acorn2Oak Process

Stage One - The Acorn

An acorn is a dream, an idea.  Every acorn is unique, with the definition of a grand oak locked inside.  Some acorns are ready to be planted, some are to be stored away until the right time.  Only one acorn can be developed at a time, so the goal of this step is to determine which acorn is ready to nurture.

Stage Two - The Sprout

An idea is now taking shape. While the sprout is actively growing, it has not yet emerged from the surface of the soil, still hidden from the world. The primary goal during this stage is to infuse initial energy into the idea while developing the beginnings of a strong root foundation that will get you through the next stage. The Acorn2Oak Project itself is currently in this stage of development.

Stage Three – The Seedling

This is where an acorn is most vulnerable. It can be stepped on or squashed. It can be eaten. It can be hidden from light and robbed of the nourishment and energy it needs to thrive. Continued care, nurturing and feeding is crucial to support development of the root system while the first branches emerge.

Stage Four – The Sapling

Roots are established. A tough, woody bark has formed. Branches have developed, delivering a good supply of life and energy to promote growth. If it gets knocked over or damaged, there is a pretty good chance it will recover.

Stage Five – The Young Oak

The acorn is now recognizable as an oak tree. The dream has taken shape. The oak is now beginning to provide life to others and bear fruit.

Stage Six - The Thriving Oak

Everything is working in perfect harmony and the oak now closely represents the vision that was established back when the acorn was being held in the palm of your hand. New ideas are continually flowing, providing opportunity for future growth or planting of new acorns.

Stage Seven – The Grand Old Oak

Inspiration for all. Shelter to many. The king/queen of the forest. Some pruning and care may be necessary to insure optimum health and performance.