The acorn2Oak Process

In order to find the answer to our big question, we recognized that there should be a sustainable and easy to follow process to help guide members of the project to success.

While the specific details of the process are reserved for acorn2Oak Project Members, the general overview is as follows:

Initial Assessment

The Acorn2Oak process begins with an initial assessment focused on answering a few key questions:

  • Can it be easily defined?
  • What stage is your acorn, or dream, currently in?
  • Is it really just one acorn, or many acorns?
  • Are there any hidden dangers that may be present?

Based on the answers to these questions, a vision setting exercise will be conducted with the primary purpose of creating a customized strategic plan designed to take your dream through a series of stages focused on turning that dream into a mighty oak!

After the plan has been created and reviewed by you and the acorn2Oak team, you will have the opportunity to either commit to the plan, or place the acorn back on the shelf, the choice is entirely up to you.

Committing to the Plan

Once committing to the plan, you will then define how much time (between 2 and 40 hours) you will be able to allocate to nurturing your oak on a weekly basis.

This expected time commitment is essential in developing attainable goals (identified as roots and branches) strategically focused on getting your project to the next stage of evolution.

Each root and branch defined in the plan will be broken down into achievable tasks based on the time you are able to allocate.

Measuring Progress

As tasks are completed, your progress will be tracked for weekly reporting. Tracking progress will ultimately help with the following:

  • Identify any barriers that may be preventing you from developing roots and branches to help you get to the next stage, and therefore provide an opportunity to reach out to the community for support
  • Recognize and celebrate when you complete a stage. This is a big deal, and should be celebrated and acknowledged!
  • Communicate progress and success to your supporters.