Our Core Values

We are strong believers in having core values. Here at the acorn2Oak Project, we evaluate all decisions against and promote a culture that lives the following core values...

Unending and Genuine Curiosity

We've always believed that true innovation walks alongside the trait of curiosity. How does this work? What happens if we do this? How might we solve the problems of the world? To answer these questions, we must be on an eternal quest for information.

Every Dream Deserves a Chance at Success

No dream is too big, too whimsical, too risky, too daunting, too unique. We strongly believe that everyone was given a big dream at one point in their life, and that dream deserves an opportunity to succeed.

We Believe in Miracles

Miracles do happen. We've seen them in our lives, and if you haven't seen one happen in your life yet, you will. 🙂

Do the Right Thing

We constantly ask the question "Is it the right thing to do?" If the answer is yes, then we will find a way to make it happen.

Strive for Balance

Balance is key. While there is a certain amount of dedication, focus and tenacity needed to fulfill a dream, it should not come at the sacrifice of other important aspects of life.