a2Grow – A Vision for Collaborative Project Planning and Execution

Sue has a passion for reading, talking about books and a love for coffee. The only coffee shop in the area is on the other side of town. The coffee shop has good coffee, however the seating is usually filled with people working on laptops, and the music is turned up to a volume that makes reading or talking to people difficult. Sue decides to blend her love of books, conversation and coffee and create a new coffee shop on her side of town, and decides to start doing research on what it would take to start a coffee shop. Through Google, Amazon, the local library, Facebook, etc. she now has 188 book recommendations on everything from How to Start a Startup in 7 Days with Someone Else's Money to The Bean Theory. Sue doesn't know where to begin. She expresses her frustration to a friend, and someone suggests that she check out acorn2Oak, and Sue goes to the website.

Sue completes the initial evaluation wizard on the acorn2Oak website, answering questions about her vision, her personality, her leadership experience, her time and other resources that may be at her disposal, etc. Based on her responses, the acorn2Oak planning algorithm will identify key attributes about her project and match up her project to other similar projects that have been completed successfully. Based on key learnings from those earlier projects (accomplished through the what worked, what didn't work piece of the phase completion), a Coffee Shop Starter Plan will be created for Sue.

Sue reviews her plan, takes a deep breath, and then clicks the "Commit" button. After Sue commits to her plan, she receives communication from someone at acorn2Oak welcoming her to the community, and inviting her to the weekly resource calls for her geographic region or project type. Sue's personalized dashboard is filled with resources relevant to her project. Sue begins working on the initial tasks for her first phase of the project. As tasks are completed, she receives encouragement from acorn2Oak staff or others in the community. Sue has a task for building a website, something which she knows nothing about, so she clicks on the "I Need Help" button. Betty, who lives in the same town as Sue, sees an alert on her personalized dashboard that someone nearby needs encouragement, so she sends a short message to Sue. Joe, a web designer with a dream of having his own creative design organization, sees an alert on his personalized dashboard that his expertise may be needed, and reaches out to Sue to see if he can assist.

A year later Sue flips the sign on her coffee shop door, and sits down for a moment of quiet after a long day of serving coffee, recommending books and talking with her patrons. She looks around in awe as she takes in the view of her realized dream. A moment later she receives an alert on her phone. Billy has just committed to a new project for a book store and coffee shop in Nebraska, 600 miles away. Billy is worried that nobody reads books anymore. Sue smiles, opens her app, and boy does she have a story to tell.

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