Welcome to the acorn2Oak Project

The acorn2Oak Project was created to provide strategy, creative, technology and community support to non-profits and missions focused on making a measurable impact on the world.

How We Will Help You Succeed

Defining Your Story

We believe that you already have a compelling dream and vision for how you will change the world. To support this dream, we have created a unique process specifically designed to capture that vision, and turn it into a strategy and plan focused on achieving sustainable and measurable growth.

Telling Your Story

To fully realize your vision, you will need to share your story and gather support from others. Our creative services team will work with you to develop a communications strategy focused on leveraging compelling writing, photography and videos to drive action.

Executing the Story

We are committed to support you in the execution and realization of your dream through coaching, encouragement, prayer and community.

The acorn2Oak Process utilizes regularly-scheduled check-in calls designed to identify barriers to progress, as well as celebrate success as you navigate through the stages of becoming a mighty oak!

Measuring Results

We will work with you to identify key metrics, data and information needed to track progress, and develop a customized dashboard and analytics platform to keep you and your supporters informed of the impact you are making.

What Does This All Cost?

We are offering these services to qualified missions and non-profits for FREE! Yes, free as in free. No cost. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

So, are you ready to change the world?